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Women's Fashion Jewelry At Three Generations

Women's fashion jewelry is the icing on the cake. The boutique gives you a variety of designer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. You have so many choices in colors, as well as genuine stones and sterling silver. 

Think about your own wardrobe. You have the latest Ming Wang sweater that goes perfectly with your black pants. You just can't seem to find the right jewelry that blends well with the sweater. 

One of your precious friends bought you a Pomegranate Moon scarf for your birthday. You love the colors, but need to find that perfect necklace to go with the scarf. Take a look below at some the the finest jewelry collections here in the upstate. This jewelry is truly for southern women with class.

Hot Fashion Jewelry

From Brighton, to Sheila Fajl, To Simon Sebbag, OH MY!

Brighton's Classy New Look

Elegant Brighton JewelryElegant Gold-Sivler Jewelry Sets

Brighton Has A Gem 

The brilliant designs at Brighton continue. These elegant necklaces and bracelets encompass the sophistication of Brighton. Interchanging gold and silver creates a masterpiece for your jewelry wardrobe.

Brighton has done it again. Take a look at the Color Clique Collection.  Rings with classy gems that you can change out. Matching necklaces and bracelets.

You can't pass  this up. Stop by Three Generations Boutique and try on Brighton's styles.

Brighton's Change Out Sets

Gem Stones To Change Out

Christo Cuff Bracelets By Brighton

Varieties For You

Blend With Handbag

Stunning Colors

Talk about style! Brighton's Christo bracelet collection comes with many options. You can choose between a wide or narrow cuff. The cuff bracelet comes in either silver or gold.

Each bracelet is uniquely designed and named. Notice the  different patterns on each cuff. The Flip It genuine leather straps come in many different colors.   You can change the look to match your wardrobe for any occasion. The Christo line is definitely for that sophisticated taste!

Brighton's Necklace And Stunning Set

Crystal Voyage Necklace

Crystal Voyage Necklace

Fashionable And Sophisticated Set

Fashionable Brighton Jewelry Set

Are you ready for that special night at the Peace Center? Maybe going out to dinner in downtown Greenville? Complete your clothing ensemble with these two options. The Crystal Voyage is very popular with it's elegant look. You have different choices of a collar or pendant style. You can also have matching earrings that will surely become a conversation piece.

The heart shape necklace and matching earrings set the tone of class in a room. The bracelet complements both the necklace and earrings. It's a beautiful, affordable set waiting for you at Three Generations Boutique.

Expressions Designer Necklaces And Tassels

Expressions Necklace With Silk TasselElegant Silk Tassel By Expressions

Popular Today and Tomorrow

Expressions Jewelry Collection displayed side-by-side
Expressions Leather TasselLeather Tassel By Expressions

Expressions Collection is all about style and and variety. Talk about a classy look. Real silk tassels designed with real gemstones. These are a must with Ming Wang clothing, as well as other top designers. The authentic leather tassel creates more of a casual look, yet is geared toward a sophisticated woman. These necklaces are artistry, allowing you to put together an ensemble with your favorite leather jacket and matching sweater or turtleneck.

If you haven't had a chance to see these stunning necklaces, drop by the boutique today. 
The boutique ladies will help you create a wardrobe masterpiece.

Exquisite Jewelry Collection By Simon Sebbag

Simon Sebbag earrings and bracelets on stands

Sterling Jewelry

Simon Sebbag necklace in display case

Elite Sophisticated Necklace

Simon Sebbag bracelets on a rack

Fashionable Bracelets

Anyone that knows about the Simon Sebbag jewelry collection understands class and unique style. The process of dipping the jewelry in sterling wax is an art. Each piece is then polished to perfection. The result is brilliant earrings, necklaces, charms, and more, to complete any clothing group. 

Three Generations Boutique highlights this collection as you walk in the front entrance.
Jewelry you will look dazzling in.

Necklaces That Match and Complete Your Clothing Set

Popular Pearls

Fantastic designer set any time of the year. Wear to your favorite holiday party, or on Easter Sunday. Wonderful gift for any occasion!

Pearls necklace and earrings on display

All Occasion Necklaces

Three necklaces on display

These three necklaces create a look that will balance a variety of attire. The leopard print has been and is very stylish. The pearl tone and burnt orange creates a causal, yet prominent class.  The third necklace has a softer side and goes well for a quiet dinner party, or that church function.

Bring Home Your Own Designer Fashion Jewelry From Three Generations Boutique!