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Our Story Of Three Generations Boutique

Three Women and A Strong Fashion Bond

This is the story of a self made business, built by three closely knit women. The saying goes, "You're only as old as you act." Grandma believed in these words.

She loved to dress elegantly in fashionable outfits. She was always seen with big earrings and and sparkling necklaces, bracelets, and rings. 

No matter what event, holiday, or church function, grandma would walk into a room and she would make a fashion statement. She was a person of refined taste.

Grandmas daughter, Janice, worked at Union Carbine, and brought up her daughter Lisa as a single mother. Lisa has always been around stylish clothing and jewelry.

Grandma and Janice were naturals in the fashion world. Growing up, Lisa had an instinct for business, selling different items in homeroom. 

Three Generations PortraitThree Generations Portrait

Grandma's Vision Of A Boutique For Women With Class

Grandma began to formulate this idea of opening up a boutique for southern women that loved to dress with grace and style. None of these women were born into money, nor did they have a bank loan. Grandma took her personal savings,  Janice took her savings from work, and Lisa took her graduation money.

The three of them put their money together and on November 1st, 1985, opened the doors of Three Generations Boutique on Main Street in Simpsonville. The building had three offices, and the ladies had 150 square feet of office space to work with. Grandma and Mom wanted Lisa to work for them, but Lisa wanted to be a part owner. Grandma came up with the fitting name of Three Generations. Lisa was 18, mom was 17 years older, and grandma was 17 years older than mom.

A Small Boutique Begins To Grow

Like any small business they started small,  with 3 or 4 top designer brands. Prices at that time were anywhere from $19.00 to $50.00. The business began to grow through satisfied customers.

New Building For Three Generations

In March of 1986, the women were able to move to a bigger building at 132 South Main. This is where the business began to create its one of a kind identity. Janice stayed at her other job 3 to 5 years before coming to the boutique full time. Each woman understood what southern women wanted in designer fashion. 

The business began to grow and new designer fashions were introduced. Each women brought out their own personality, and customer relations began to flourish. Women would return and see the latest styles of clothing and jewelry.

The Boutique Moves To Its Present Location

In 2005, they moved to their present location at 131 South East Main Street. The house, outside and in, truly represents these 3 women's dedication to their customers. Portraits hang with pride, wanting to share with customers a true family atmosphere. 

If you talk with any of their customers, they will tell you: They shop at Three Generations because of the personal attention any of these ladies give them. Customers know the latest designers fashion will be displayed at the boutique.

The staff's knowledge of color selection, and putting clothes and accessories together, are superior to other retailers. Three Generations is a boutique that is all about a love of family and fashion.

Stop by and let yourself get lost in the world of lavish and dazzling fashions!

Three Generation Owners

Lisa And JaniceLisa And Janice

Two Classy Southern Ladies

Lisa and Janice, the dynamic fashion design professionals make your shopping experience at the boutique memorable. The photo on the left speaks for itself. Smiles, and a family connection started so long ago. 

Grandma has passed on to a bigger fashion environment, and her presence is missed everyday. Grandma was Janice and Lisa's true inspiration.

Janice and Lisa welcome you to stop by and visit their boutique. You won't be disappointed!

Meet The Professional Southern Ladies At Three Generations

Donna, Janice, GayleDonna, Janice, Gayle

Boutiques Southern Belles

Your friendly and professional ladies here at Three Generations. These classy women are experts in the field of fashion and design. Always with a smile, and eager to help you enhance your wardrobe. 

Ms. Alma is the boutique's Special Angel!  

Sherry, Lisa, BarbaraSherry, Lisa, Barbara

Three Generations Boutique Is For Southern Women With Class